The “Scarlet Wings” Women’s Jacket / Size S


Name: The “Scarlet Wings” Women’s Jacket

Edition: One-Of-A-Kind

Serial Number: SW012217

Style: Casual Blazer / Jacket

Size: Women’s Small

Color: Black with Swirls

Button / Closure Type: 2 Button

Price: $1200 USD

FREE Shipping & FREE “RSDW” Garment Bag

This eye-catching women’s jacket features a hand-painted metallic scarlet guitar on the left shoulder. The black fabric has a swirl pattern embossed into it for an elegant, classy detail. On the back is a custom embroidered design with gold wings, a scarlet guitar created with metallic thread, and “RockStarr Designer” in silver and yellow. The guitar on the shoulder is detailed with a hand-spattered paint accent. Customized in the USA. Never 2 Alike…

Featured “RockStarr Babe”: Emily

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