The “Red Harmony” Men’s Jacket / Size 44L


Name: The “Red Harmony” Men’s Jacket

Edition: One-Of-A-Kind

Serial Number: RH101116

Style: Casual Blazer / Jacket

Size: Men’s Size 44L

Color: Black

Button / Closure Type: 3 Button

Price: $1200 USD

FREE Shipping & FREE “RSDW” Garment Bag

This stunning one-of-a-kind men’s jacket has a bright red guitar hand-painted on the left shoulder, with spattered paint accents. On the right sleeve is a hand-stamped skull n’ crossbones with spattered paint. A red guitar with gold wings is emblazoned across the back of the jacket. “RockStarr Designer Wear” is custom embroidered in silver and yellow thread as well as the words “Customized” and “Hand-Detailed” in red. Customized in the USA. Never 2 Alike…

Featured “RockStarr Babe”: Emily

Ordering Info:

Phone: (717) 755-4743


Payment: VISA / PayPal / Bank Transfer

Shipping: FEDEX / USPS / International

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