The “Orange Curlz” Men’s Jacket / Size 46


Name: The “Orange Curlz” Men’s Jacket

Edition: One-Of-A-Kind

Serial Number: OC102116

Style: Casual Blazer / Jacket

Size: Men’s Size 46

Color: Black

Button / Closure Type: 2 Button

Price: SOLD

This one-of-a-kind men’s jacket features a bright orange guitar with curls on the left shoulder. The back features our custom DaVinci Guitar Player embroidered in vibrant orange. The quote “Music can change the world… because it can change people” by Bono, is emblazoned in white. “RockStarr Designer Wear” is also stitched in silver thread at the bottom of the back. Customized in the USA. Never 2 Alike…

Featured “RockStarr Babe”: Kenzi

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Phone: (717) 755-4743


Payment: VISA / PayPal / Bank Transfer

Shipping: FEDEX / USPS / International

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